Gas Ducted Heating

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Whether you are looking at installing a new system or have an old system that needs replacing Atlas Webster will have the solution for you.Gas central heating is traditionally one of the most economical ways to heat your entire home. The way that the ducted system works is that it takes the air from in-side your home through a return air duct and passes it over the heat exchange, heating the air. A fan then returns the hot air back through the vents to heat your house. These vents can be located in the floor, roof and walls.A thermostat can be set allowing you to determine what temperature you would like your area to be heated to. Once the desired temperature is reached the heater unit and fan switch off. We offer top quality heating in Melbourne – but why choose ducted gas heating?

Features of Ducted Gas:

  • Efficient and Cost effective
  • Custom Designed Installation to suit your needs
  • Quietly distributes warm air through vents
  • Better for the environment using fewer carbon emissions than most other forms of heating
  • Uses natural gas
  • Ability to add on cooling
ZoningZoning can also be used in the design of your system making it more efficient and cost effective to run. Zoning allows you to choose which areas you would like to heat separately or you can heat the whole area.

Gas Ducted Heating in Melbourne

Our experienced design team will discuss these options with you and ensure that we find a solution for your space that best suits your needs. For top quality ducted heating,Melbourne locals can call Atlas Webster today on (03) 9560 5877.