Add on Air-Conditioning

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Already have an existing gas ducted heater and looking for some relief from the heat this Summer?

Let Atlas Webster solve your air-conditioning needs with an Add on Cooling system.

How does this work?


Add on cooling is the addition of an evaporator coil and condens-ing unit to your existing gas central heating system. This provides the ability to deliver cool, refrigerated air throughout your home. The fan on your existing heater is utilised as well as all of your ductwork and registers

On an existing system some upgrades may be required before fitting the add on cooling system which will be discussed with you from our sales team when we come out to do a quote.

Zoning can also be used with add on cooling the help alleviate running costs, allowing you to cool the living areas during the day and bedrooms at night if desired.

Systems are available in single phase 240V and 3 phase 415V.