Refrigerated Air-conditioning

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Ducted refrigerated cooling systems are an effective method of cooling down your house in the summer months. Ducted refriger-ated systems can handle the extreme heat that we are faced with and it will work effectively to keep you cool in both dry and hu-mid conditions, unlike evaporative cooling which is more efficient on dry hot days.

This system has its own fan with a built in evaporator coil that can be installed underneath the floor or in the roof cavity along with the ductwork and is connected to the condenser unit located outside. The only part of the system you will see are the vent that distribute the cool air and keep you comfortable on those hot days.

The systems are available in 1 phase 240v up to 15kw and 3 phase, 415v up to 65kw.

Refrigerated cooling units are able to operate from as little as 24 cents per hour and are distributed through vents in the floor or ceiling.