Split System Air Conditioner Installation

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Let Atlas Webster create the optimal system for your home or office with the different options of split systems.

A Split system can heat or cool one room or multiple rooms of your whole house. They are compact, economical to run, they are available in cooling only or heat/cool options and you have the option of inverter or fixed speed. They are simple to operate with a remote control and are very quiet.

A split system air conditioner consists of indoor and outdoor units that work in conjunction to keep your home at just the right temperature. As well as controlling air circulation, split system air conditioners control the temperature, humidity and the moisture throughout the structure.

Features of Split System:

  • We can design a system that suits your space
  • Large range and products to choose from
  • Effectively heat/cool area or multiple areas from one unit
  • Economical to run
  • They suit Australian climate
  • Cooling or Heat/Cool
  • Simple to operate
  • Able to install in almost any space
  • You can run your split system from as little as 10 cents per hour (depending on the size of the unit)

Our sales team will design a system to keep you comfortable all year round!

A wall hung split system cassette is the indoor unit that connects up with an outdoor unit to offer whole-home or zoned temperature control. A key part of your split system air conditioner installation, choosing where you hang a wall unit depends on your space and how you use it. Open plan living areas and apartments can often get the full advantage of a split system from just one cassette – larger homes and commercial properties can hook up multiple wall hung split system units to a single outdoor unit.

This helps with energy efficiency; rather than some systems, which cool the entire property at once, individual indoor cassettes can be turned on and off only as they’re needed. Are you living or working with people who enjoy their own particular ambient temperature? Don’t fight over the AC remote – design a split system air conditioner installation which accommodates zoned heating and cooling throughout your property.

At Atlas Webster, our professional and experienced team offers Free Quotes on split system air conditioner installations. We have the expertise to help you come up with a split system plan that’s perfectly tailored to your space and how you use it. We supply units from some of the industry’s leading brands, including Daikin, Fujitsu, Lennox, Omega, Bonaire & Brivis. Suited to the Australian climate and incredibly easy to operate, a split system air conditioner installation can ensure you’re perfectly comfortable all year round.

Call us now on 9560 5877. With one of our free quotes you can see just how little it costs to cool your home with Atlas Webster. Our friendly on-call staff can help explain the many benefits that come with a split system air conditioner installation, including economy, efficiency and effectiveness.

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