Interior Designers

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HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) is an important consideration of any project for Interior designers

Atlas Webster has worked with Interior Designers and Architects for many years. We have a collaborative and informed approach at the early stages of construction to ensure that the integration of the HVAC system can be applied with keeping the style of the property unaffected.

The size and the requirements for the units need to be considered at these initial stages of design to ensure  properties can be constructed with thorough knowledge of how the look of the heating and cooling may affect the overall look of the project.

Our professional and well experienced HVAC design team will assist Interior designers with all they need to know to ensure that their space is going to deliver the heating and cooling requirements to keep their clients comfortable all year round.

We use high quality fixtures and fittings and can have all grills and outlets specially made to cater for your design choices. We work with the architects for the unit placement and the design of bulkheads or cabinetry to suit.

At Atlas Webster we understand the challenges of designing systems to suit pre-established buildings where there may be no previous allowances for the special requirements of a ducted HVAC system. That is our speciality – designing and implementing solutions that others may find too difficult. Whether is it is a historic building or an extension to an existing space we will work with you to find the perfect solution.