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Modern houses often come with modern challenges, and heating and cooling options are often one of them. Due to the flat roof design of many new houses, it has forced the heating and cooling industry to evolve into providing solutions that can counter-act the limited roof space in many these homes. The most innovative and effective solution to date is small duct systems. These systems can be installed with air ducts as little as 50mm in diameter, in comparison to standard systems which can be up to 500mm in diameter. At 10% of standard system sizes, it means that there is close to no area that small duct systems can’t be installed.

This reduction in size also means that the impact on a home’s aesthetics is minimal. With the ability to be installed on floors, ceiling, or in between walls, the small duct systems grilles can match with any home design or décor.

If design features weren’t enough of a bonus, the system improves air quality and energy efficiency. Due to the innovative technology, these systems can reduce costs by up to 50%, whilst ensuring the air is free from pollution and allergens.

If this still hasn’t got you convinced, the system can be location zoned and even integrated with your home automation system, making the management of your heating and cooling a breeze.

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Working in the industry for over 50 years has taught us that installation is only part of the picture when it comes to high quality successful heating and cooling solutions. Regular servicing is essential to maintaining the quality and effectiveness of your heating and cooling system, whilst also upholding manufacturer warranty requirements. Our expert servicing team are well experienced in all aspects of Small Duct Systems and pride themselves on being able to overcome any challenge they may face in regard to servicing your unit. A thorough and detailed approach, alongside an exceptional level of customer focus and service sets our servicing teams apart from the rest. To make your life even easier, we can add you to our scheduled servicing system and give you a call to remind you when your service is due.

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Our experienced and dedicated team have continued the long-standing reputation of Atlas Webster being specialist installers of Small Duct Systems. Our continued commitment to learning and improving has resulted in us being recognised as installers of choice for many of the major Small Duct Systems brands. Our extensive experience installing these systems means that there is rarely a challenge we haven’t faced and more importantly, overcome. We are confident in our ability to effectively install Small Duct Systems in your home or office, and guarantee your expectations will be exceeded.

To get one of our experts to come out and have a chat about what options suit you best, get in touch about an obligation free quote.

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