Air Conditioning Service

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Air Conditioning Service from Atlas Webster – We service all makes and models including – Lennox, Brivis, Fujitsu, Actron, Carrier

Need a top quality air conditioning service? Atlas Webster provides the best of the best when it comes to servicing and maintaining all major brands such as Lennox, Brivis, Fujitsu, Actron, Carrier . We have years and years of experience in heating and air conditioning service. Heating and air conditioning is a fundamental part of your home. As important as it is to install the right system it is just as important to have it regularly serviced and maintained to ensure it optimises energy/efficiency, reduces operation costs and longevity of your equiptment.

To keep your system of choice working without issue we recommend that Canterbury, Pakenham, Templestowe, and Camberwell residents have their systems serviced and maintained on a regular basis for greater efficiency and reduced running costs, energy usage, while extending the longevity of your equipment.

We service all major brands of ducted heating, wall furnaces, air conditioning, split systems and evaporative cooling.

Our basic services include:

  • Fan assembly component checks and cleaning
  • Gas component checks and cleaning
  • Electrical Checks
  • Filter Cleaning
  • Carbon Monoxide Testing
  • Mechanical Checks

Our air conditioning service covers Fujitsu, Brivis, Lennox, Actron, Carrier and many more. Air Conditioning, Split Systems, Evaporative Cooling – we do it all! We even offer regular maintenance schedules to provide you with complete peace-of-mind, knowing you won’t suffer from any unexpected breakdowns with your air conditioning unit.

Fujitsu Air Conditioning Service

Long regarded as an industry-leading air conditioning manufacturer the Fujitsu range of air conditioners are known for their energy-efficiency, quality, and ease of use. Using comparative parts and components, our skilled technicians can complete Fujitsu air conditioning service on a routine basis to ensure that your Fujitsu air conditioning unit delivers superior cooling for longer.

When you call Atlas Webster, you will be benefiting from our years of experience and training, combined with our industry knowledge of Fujitsu’s range of premium air conditioning products. BY putting our customer’s needs first we can help you stay cool in the summer.

Carrier Air Conditioning Service

Are you in need of a team to complete a reliable Carrier air conditioning service? Possessing the skills, training, and knowledge the technicians at Atlas Webster can get your Carrier air conditioning unit running again without wasting your time or your money.

Going over every section and component of your air conditioner, we can identify and rectify any emergent issues to prevent small complaints becoming large and costly headaches. By hiring Atlas Webster, you will be guaranteeing that your Carrier air conditioner continues to deliver years of responsive service.

Lennox Air Conditioning Service

Make sure that your home is equipped to keep you cool all year around by trusting Atlas Webster to complete detailed and affordable air conditioning servicing that will improve the health of your home. Able to quickly identify any issues or faults before they cost you an arm or a leg our Lennox air conditioning service keeps Lennox air conditioning units responsive, reliable, and resilient.

By having your Lennox air conditioning unit of choice repaired and serviced by Atlas Webster you are gaining not just our training and expertise, you are enjoying our first-hand experience in the industry as well as our hands-on working knowledge of the ins and outs of Lennox-manufactured air conditioning systems.

Actron Air Conditioning Service

Improve the health and wellbeing of your home by having your air conditioning system serviced by the specialists team at Atlas Webster. Our exceptional and thorough approach ensures that we provide an Actron air conditioning service unlike any other.

Whether you have a split system, evaporative cooler, or standard wall-mounted air conditioning unit we are the team you want to bring it back to life. For top quality air conditioning service on well-known brands such as Actron, Lennox, Carrier, Brivis and Fujitsu, call Atlas Webster on 03 9560 5877 to book an appointment today.