Carbon monoxide testing

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Carbon Monoxide Testing from Atlas Webster

Every gas heater, no matter how well-maintained, can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning in your home. A lethal gas, it cannot be seen or smelled. There are a few main sources of carbon monoxide poisoning, which claims the lives of Victorians every year – defective wall furnaces, ducted systems and space heaters to name a few. If you know any of these are faulty or broken, don’t turn them on – deadly carbon monoxide emissions may be present – Atlas Webster can help with reliable, efficient and affordable carbon monoxide testing.

The effects of carbon monoxide poisoning in the long term are damages to the human brain and heart – in high concentrations, it will cause a quick death. At Atlas Webster, we offer carbon monoxide testing to all Melbourne homes. Our team is equipped with the necessary diagnostic equipment to accurately detect carbon monoxide being leaked from your units in your home. If you notice any symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, such as nausea, fatigue, abdominal pains, headaches and chest problems, consult a health professional right away.

Protect your family from carbon monoxide – it’s a deadly, silent killer. Prevention is the best cure – call Atlas Webster today on (03) 9560 5877.